Tindley Partners with Kenzie Academy for Coding Enrichment

Kenzie Academy, a tech apprenticeship school, has announced a collaborative partnership with Tindley Accelerated Schools, enriching Tindley’s STEM programming.

The Charles A. Tindley Accelerated High School is the first accelerated school in Indiana. They believe every student is capable of the kind of work normally reserved for “gifted and talented” students and back up their belief with graduating exceptional students prepared for college.

Kenzie Academy is reinforcing Tindley’s mission by providing a challenging curriculum for their high school and middle school students in which to work on software development projects. Students attend a workshop every Friday afternoon, working progressively on a project instructed by a Kenzie Academy instructor.

“The partnership with Kenzie Academy further enhances the computer science courses we currently offer at our high school – in addition to supporting our college and career readiness initiatives,” states Kelli Marshall, CEO of Tindley Accelerated Schools.

Kenzie Academy believes creating an effective network of graduates who, by forming deeper connections with other talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, will further strengthen the ecosystem as a whole. By building an empowered community of inclusion and skilled technological talent, Kenzie Academy believes that one of the best ways to do is is by mentoring younger students.

“Our partnership with Tindley is indicative of our commitment to community,” says Kenzie Academy Co-founder Chok Ooi. “The students not only engage in a project with one of our instructors, they are creating meaningful relationships with mentors.”

The curriculum at Kenzie Academy is agile and adaptive to its students and local industries and economic needs. Our core focus is community building through technology, providing a much needed vacuum to accelerate individual growth. Kenzie Academy is working to amplify everyone’s voice in creating the future.

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