Our Schools

Back in 2004, the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School launched to provide a top-quality, accelerated academic experience to urban youth in a college-preparatory environment.

Now, known as Tindley Accelerated Schools, proudly serves nearly 1,800 scholars, setting them on a trajectory to graduate from a selective college or university though a network of six public charter schools on the east side of Indianapolis.

While each Tindley school has its own distinct character, there are consistent qualities within every school:
  • Accelerated Learning: Each student is expected to work at least one semester ahead by sixth grade.
  • Extended Hours: Tindley Schools are committed to longer school days, providing tutoring and additional instruction to those scholars needing further academic help.
  • Quality Instruction: Each summer our teachers are required to complete a two-week long professional development training known as Tindley Teaching Institute. Additionally, each Friday afternoon during the school year is used for professional development for teachers and administrators.
  • Small Class Size: Tindley is committed to a personalized academic setting for all students. No class will be larger than 24.
  • Code of Conduct: In addition to high academic standards, Tindley scholars are to conduct themselves in a manner that is both respectful and professional in order to represent Tindley’s values.

To learn more about each individual school, visit the links below.

High School / Middle School

Elementary Schools