6721 Trailblazers

The Tindley Trailblazer FRC Team 6721 is the 1st STEM program at Tindley Accelerated Schools. The Trailblazers have a passion for learning, competing, and finding creative solutions. At Tindley, teachers, administrators, and fellow classmates have been inspired to make lasting changes. Seeds have been sown for long-term focus on integrated STEM education for Tindley.

Our FIRST Season

Over the course of six weeks, the Trailblazers learned about skills critical to operating effectively as a FIRST team, such as game theory, design requirements, prototyping, electronics, pneumatics, AutoCAD, system integration, Java programming, troubleshooting, and how to work rapidly and communicate effectively.

The Results

  • 2 Autonomous Modes
  • High Rate of Gear Placement
  • Front & Rear Facing Cameras for Strategic Coordination
  • Consistently Climbs in Under 10 Seconds
  • Robust Design; No System Failures in 2 Events


  • 75% Decrease in Dropped Gears at 2nd Event
  • 33% Decrease in Climb Time for 2nd Event
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule on Ropes & Climber

Our Path Forward

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Maker Space
  • College Credits
  • Growing FIRST at Tindley
  • Community Outreach
  • FTC
  • FLL