Student Life at Tindley Prep

The Tindley Prep student experience has been carefully designed to instill in each of our students a scholar identity.

Male-only student population. Tindley Prep endeavors to serve boys in unprecedented ways, effectively closing the dual scholastic achievement gaps that exist with regard to both race and gender.

“College or Die.” These words state in no uncertain terms our singular mission: To do whatever it takes to prepare each and every student for a scholastic career that leads to admittance into a highly selective college or university.

The Tindley Uniform. Tindley requires all students to adhere to a strict code of conduct, and it starts with the Tindley uniform. The uniform eliminates potential dress-related distractions while encouraging students to view themselves as scholars in pursuit of a noble goal.

Single-sex classes. Tindley first implemented single-sex classes in 2004. After observing how much more focused younger students were in a single-gender environment, grades 6-8 were permanently segregated into single-sex classes.

These measures ensure each student knows they are not just ordinary middle school students, but rather serious scholars destined for academic success.