Tindley Prep Leadership Program

The Tindley Prep Academy Ambassador Program is an opportunity for aspiring leaders to develop their skills in becoming an agent of change within their school community while also providing a model to their fellow brothers.  Gentlemen wishing to become an ambassador must consistently demonstrate not only a knowledge and understanding of their Scholars’ Creed, but also possess the qualities embedded within “Making the Chain Strong.” Gentlemen must go through the application process in order to be eligible to participate in the program.

Acceptance into the Ambassador Program allows the scholar to participate in a variety of leadership activities throughout the school year as deemed appropriate by the principal.  Examples of such activities include but are not limited to …

  •         Hosting new / potential scholars during shadow experiences
  •         Conducting culture walks
  •         Assisting in the main office
  •         Designing/Planning cultural celebrations and student activities
  •         Leading tours of the building
  •         Delivering PM Announcements

Student Ambassadors are those who work closely with administration to provide a student voice and act as a liaison between staff and scholar.  These young gentlemen act as a governing body to uphold a culture of excellence.  Ambassadors are expected to meet once per month with the Principal, Guidance Counselor and AP of Culture.