A New Look with the Same Tindley Promise

As a network, we opened our doors almost two decades ago. Over time we have held strong to our commitment to college, however the educational landscape in our city has changed. As a result, we feel it is time to update our logo, position, tagline, and promise to our families.
Though our logo might look updated, our position in the community has not changed. College is the destination and we are the path.
We know we fill a particular need in the community and serve our scholars in a way that other schools cannot. This foundational statement is the cornerstone of who Tindley is.
Furthermore, it was time to update our tagline. Although "College or Die" will always be a part of who Tindley is, it was time to update and modernize how we communicate our mission: College is Power.
This memorable, ownable line speaks to the continued ambition all Tindley scholars have and why they succeed. Giving scholars the power to change their lives is what Tindley is all about.
Finally, we want to emphasize our promise to you. This is our pledge and a clear statement of what you can expect from our schools:
You will get into and be ready for college.
We hope you understand our reasonings for updating our logo, position, tagline and brand promise. Tindley is still Tindley, just with a fresher look and perspective. We hope you join us on this journey of introducing our new look to the community.