Exceptional Learners

Our Vision
The Office of Exceptional Learners' mission is to provide leadership, services, and supports to ensure that students reach their highest potential to strengthen the capacity of schools, families and the community by establishing high expectations and educational programs appropriate to all of our students. 
We Believe: 
  1. Academic instruction should be rigorous for all students regardless of disability, health, illness/injury, language, etc. and align with compliance of federal and state regulations.
  2. Least restrictive environments should be appropriate to students and families in their individual needs.
  3. Research based MTSS interventions for academics, behavior, and social-emotional well being support high student expectations.
  4. Ongoing staff development of best practices in Special Education continue to drive decision-making and policies of Tindley Accelerated schools. 
  5. Professional communities that promote communication and collaboration of professionals support student growth and success.  
Our Partners 
Progressive Therapy Services
Charles A. Tindley Accelerated (7-12)
Michael Kamps- kamps@tindley.org
Taryan Temple- temple@tindley.org
Tindley Summit Academy (K-6)
Anthony Wallace- awallace@tindley.org
Daryl Krueger- krueger@tindley.org
Tindley Genesis Academy )K-6)
Mia Richardson- mrichardson@tindley.org
Karen Evans- kevans@tindley.org
Kathy Dimmett- dimmett@tindley.org