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Early College at Tindley
Tindley's vision has always been to ensure 100% of its scholars are accepted to a fully accredited four year college or university. Tindley scholars are expected to achieve exceptionally high levels of scholarship and citizenship. Each scholar is expected to work at least one grade level ahead through a rigorous, accelerated curriculum model; upon entering the eleventh grade (sooner for some scholars who demonstrate the ability), 100% of Tindley scholars are enrolled in Tindley's Early College Program. This program allows for scholars to gain up to 37 college credit hours from the University of Evansville. This comes at zero cost for students and families!
These credit hours are fully transferable and, depending on scholar major, land a Tindley graduate into their Sophomore courses immediately upon arriving on campus.
University of Evansville
For all your Early College questions, please contact:
Cody Stanley
317-545-1745 x1710